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Miraculously, we have made it through another year in Greenville. To our old friends, welcome back. To those of you who are new to the area, sit back, relax, hobnob with the locals and enjoy yourself, but we do have a few ground rules for you to keep in mind:

1. Appropriate dress required, i.e. a shirt and shoes (for ladies, the shirt requirement may be waived).
2. Do not steal this menu. Extra menus are available from the bartender.
3. Bring in something interesting and it will go on the wall in perpetuity. If it is really good, we may trade you something for it.
4. No food fights unless authorized by your server.
5. Our servers and bartenders are working here while searching for a real job. Don't make their lives any more miserable than they already are. Remember, those you meet on the way up you may meet again on the way down.
6. We accept cash, Visa, cash, Mastercard, cash, American Express, cash, Discover and cash.
7. We welcome boats of all shapes and sizes but leave room for the Pollywog if it is out on a cruise.
8. When dining in the Moosehead Lake Region, never ASSUME it's a raisin.
9. Women may skinny dip for a free sandwich all they want. The legislature makes men wear at least a G string. This seems unfair since Moosehead always causes "shrinkage". Go figure.
So sit back, feel free to make a fool of yourself, and have a great time.


Canadian Nachos: Not bad for being 3000 miles from Tijuana . . .with chili.;..9.95 Or BBQ pulled pork . . .10.95
Scallops Wrapped in Bacon: With maple syrup . . .12.95
Stuffed Mushroom: Mushrooms with crabmeat stuffing and melted cheese. Environmentally correct . . .6.95
Northwoods Quesadilla: With cheese, onions, and green peppers with chunks of chicken for . . .9.95, sirloin for . . .12.95, or just veggies for . . .7.95
Skins: Stuffed spuds with melted cheese, bacon and sour cream . . .6.95
Moose Wings: And you thought only buffalo had wings . . .8.95
Chicken Toes: Breaded, fried and declawed . . .8.95 or with fries for . . .10.95
Onion Rings: Battered and deep fried with that lovely, sinful, greasy patina aftertaste . . .6.95
Almost jumbo shrimp: Shrimp cocktail with dipping sauce . . .10.95
Boom Logs: Mozarella sticks with marinara sauce - works the opposite of prune juice . . .8.95
Clamalamadingdongs: Fried clam balls, made with fresh clams caught off the docks by little children with small fishing poles . . .7.95
Poutin: Very French Canadian - Hand cut fries with melted cheese and gravy - the ultimate in "eat healthy" dining . . .6.95
Haddock Doodles: Bite sized haddock in a beer batter with tartar sauce . . .7.95
Lakeshore Bruschetta: Recipe stolen from Monson. They stole our Bloody Marys. Tomato, mozarella, pesto, olive oil on a sliced baguette . . ..9.95
Half Rack of Ribs: Our delicious home cooked ribs, covered in BBQ sauce . . .14.95


Richard's Chili: He won't be back but the chili will . . .6.95
Seafood Chowder: The best of all we've tried. Shrimp, clams, fish, and a thick creamy base - an authentic New England chowder . . .7.95
French Onion Soup: Caramelized onions, melted cheese and seasoned crouton . . .5.95


Cook's Salad: If we call it a Chef's salad, he'll want more money. Topped with a fried chicken breast, egg, cheese, and whatever veggies we have in the kitchen . . .9.95
Caesar Salad: Did I spell that right? Not as good as the North End but then again, you're not in the North End are you? Plain for . . .6.95; with Grilled Chicken for . . .9.95 ; Grilled Sirloin for . . .12.95
Taco Salad: A fried taco shell stuffed with cheese, veggies and choice of chicken or beef served with salsa and sour cream . . .9.95
I'm Not All That Hungry: Mixed greens with pecans, dried cranberries balsamic vinaigrette and feta cheese for $ 7.95


All sandwiches are served with your choice of hand cut fries, seasoned curly fries, or cole slaw plus a pickle - we think it's a pickle - could be a very old smelt. At least it's green.
The Chicken That Didn't Make it Across the Road: A grilled, marinated chicken breast with mango chutney and melted Havarti served on a bulky roll . . .8.95
Tree Hugger: A veggie burger with melted cheese, sautéed onions and green peppers served on a bulky roll. Makes the Vegans happy . . .7.95
Misteak on the Lake: Either a great steak sandwich or this restaurant. Shaved, sautéed steak with melted cheese, sautéed green peppers and onions served in a baguette roll . . .9.95
BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich: Made from scratch here and served on a bulky . . ..8.95
Moosehead Lake Lobster Roll: Better then you are expecting. Chunks of lobster, lightly dressed and seasoned and served on a sub roll: 16.95
The Moose is Loose: A full slice of prime rib grilled with melted cheese and caramelized onions served on a baguette. The best of our sandwiches . . .11.95
Fried Chicken Club: Use your imagination . . .8.95
Squirrel Island Fish Sandwich: A fresh fried haddock filet served on a bulky roll . . .9.95
Reuben: Fresh corned beef with saurkraut, melted cheese and 1000 island dressing all on rye . . .8.95
Skinny Dip: Thinly sliced prime rib served on a baguette roll with au jus sauce on the side for dipping. We used to offer this for free but the selectmen objected, proving that there is no such thing as a free lunch . . ..10.95


Plain Old Burger: Need we say more? . . .6.95
Cheesy Weasel: With cheese . . .7.95
Porky: Add bacon along with the cheese . . .8.95
Skunk Breath: Sauteed onions and green peppers . . .8.95
Old and Mouldy: With crumbled Bleu Cheese . . .8.95
Fungus: With mushrooms and melted cheese . . .8.95
Interstate pile Up: Everything we've got . . .9.95


BBQ'd Babyback Pork Ribs: Choice of full rack or half rack. Made here and REALLY GOOD. Full rack for 25.95 ½ rack for 17.95
Chish and Fips: Faddock Hilet with Satyr Toss . . .Fresh haddock deep fried and served with cole slaw and fries . . .14.95
Looks Like Steak, Smells Like Steak, Must be Steak: Rib Eye . . .19.95
Salmon Filet: Herb encrusted, over a bed of fresh salsa . . .14.95
Fried Clams or Scallops, or Shrimp or Everything: Individually or two for . . .17.95 or with all three plus haddock as a seafood platter for . . .24.95
Fettucini Al Moosehead: Choice of al fredo for . . .11.95; scallops in bacon for . . .22.95 or chicken and broccoli for . . .14.95
Mooseballs: Unquestionably the tenderest cut of the moose. Sauteed in our own special sauce. 24 hour advance notice and 25% deposit required . . ..1,495.95
Teriyaki Steak Tits, I Mean Tips: Grilled, marinated tips on rice . . .15.95
Liver and Onions: I know most people don't, but I love liver and onions. It's my restaurant. When you grow up and have your own restaurant, you can serve whatever you want . . .9.95


Pizza available plain or topped with any of the wide variety of toppings that Jamesons keeps in stock, call 695-2201.


We were going to list all of the desserts here but the menu had already gone to print so you will have to ask your server. If your server doesn't know, feel free to go into the kitchen and find out. If no one is there, check out the reach in in the wait station. If there is nothing there either, go across the street to Jamo's and get a Ring Ding.


Answers To The Most Frequently Asked Questions:

1. A deer becomes a moose at age 4.
2. We never close. Although the kitchen is closed on Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, we keep the bar open for the lonely guys whose wives or girlfriends have thrown them out.
3. The weekend after Labor Day.
4. 38 below with a 77 degree below wind chill.
5. 32 miles long, 300 islands, 518 miles of shoreline, and 90,000 acres.
6. No.
7. That's not how you pronounce Kokadjo.
8. The second largest fresh water lake totally within the confines of one state east of the Mississippi.
9. Allen's Coffee Brandy - To those of us from away, it's a mystery.
10. Antler marks on your thighs.
Thanks for joining us and have fun!!!

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